Sunday, March 09, 2008

Masai Mara`yi Kaybedebiliriz...

Gecen hafta bir email geldi, aynen yayinlayacagim ama ozet su: Secim sonrasi Kenya`ya ortaya cikan olaylar neticesinde Kenya, turizm gelirinin en yuksek olmasi gereken sezonda bos kaldi. Su an, Masai Mara`da ac kalan yerlilerin aslan avina ciktigina dair haberler geliyor acliktan, caresizlikten, atalardan dedelerden kalma yasal olmayan aliskanliklarla...
Gelen mektup soyle:
`Hello Everyone,
I hope you don't mind, but I'm contacting you because you chose to support the Gorilla Protection cause in Congo, and now I'm in desperate need of some like minded people to help raise awareness for the Mara Triangle in Kenya's Masai Mara.
The post election violence in Kenya caused a collapse in tourism, and the Mara Conservancy, a non-profit dependent entirely on park entrance fees paid by tourists, is now critically underfunded. So far we have relied on kind donors, but in the middle of March this money will run out and crucial park operations like de-snaring and anti-poaching patrols will have to be stopped. Already night patrols have stopped as well as the cattle compensation scheme - recently locals have been tracking lions with the intention to kill.
Time is desperately running out. Rangers here are the last line of defence between poachers and the rest of the Masai Mara, should patrols stop then one of the world's most beautiful places will be under serious threat.
To help raise awareness you can join the Facebook cause: "We could lose the Mara", and then tell all your friends:
Thank you, and please feel free to message or email me with any further questions.
Will Deed
Mara Triangle,
Fotograftaki Masai Mara`nin yerlilerinden olan gencin kafasindaki aslan yelesinden yapilma. Dedesinden kaldigini soyledi bana. `Artik aslan avlamiyoruz, aslan gormek icin gelen turistlerden gelir elde etmeye calisiyoruz` demisti. Su an henuz turist olmadigina gore, taze aslan kurku gorursek sasirmayacagiz galiba.

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